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Pfütze - a piece of life

Our productions are stories that tell about life. About the challenges and opportunities, the beauty and the joy of life. Stories about heroes, who have the courage to be afraid sometimes. Our productions open the doors to fantasy, leave room for one’s own thoughts, images and feelings and encourage big and small spectators to take life into their own hands.

Theatre for children and adults

With our plays, we build a bridge between the generations. Because they reflect the great and small themes of human existence, audiences of all ages can identify with them. At the centre of our artistically challenging productions lies the dramatisation of famous children's novels, often in collaboration with the authors. But also own productions find their way into the repertoire. The music composed especially for each piece as well as the individually developed equipment are a typical feature of all Pfütze productions.We set a minimum age for each piece to ensure that the events on stage are suitable for all attending spectators. The visit to a show is often accompanied by theatre conversations, theatre-pedagogical introductions and performance activities. Through intensive cooperation with schools in the metropolitan region, theatre pedagogy and acting can increasingly become an integral part in educational institutions. Family-friendly entrance fees and an aid fund for needy families, the "Theater Pfütze Taler", make it possible for citizens of all income groups to visit the theatre. 

Theatre is teamwork

The ensemble currently consists of 17 members, experts from various areas of the theatre business: actors, musicians, theatre pedagogues, authors, financial specialists, composers, directors, marketing experts, costume designers, dramatic advisors, stage designers ... benefit from their many years of joint experience. The mixture of founding members and young colleagues ensures continuity and renewal.
The diversity of the ensemble is complemented by artists who are invited for one or more productions. An open and friendly atmosphere enables us to regularly attract renowned guest artists and co-production partners.

Creative collaboration

 Staatstheater Nürnberg

More than 20 years ago, the two independent theatres Pfütze and Mummpitz assumed the cultural task of providing the metropolitan region with high-quality children’s theatre. Since then, the Pfütze Ensemble has staged a production every two years in cooperation with Staatstheater Nürnberg (Nuremberg State Theatre). Both stage art and theatre pedagogy benefit from this collaboration. In the 2018/19 season, the children's book classic “Heidi” by Johanna Spyri is on the schedule. 

Stadttheater Fürth

We also have a long-standing cooperation with Stadttheater Fürth (Fürth City Theatre).
Together, we have initiated the music theatre division "jungeMET". 

Even more cooperation partners

It is a pleasure for us to - repeatedly - develop productions with the Nürnberger Symphonikern (Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra), the Ensemble Kontraste, ensemble fraktale and the Hochschule für Musik (Music academy) in Nuremberg.