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Unterwegs - En el camino

An international theatre production about migration and immigration. A cooperation between Theater Pfütze, Nuremberg/Germany and Teatro El Galpón, Montevideo/Uruguay

The first question we ask ourselves is: Why do we leave our homeland? 
War, hunger and unemployment are reasons. The hope for a better future, for education, money. 
Maybe we leave just because somewhere else it seems that the colors shine brighter and the weather is more beautiful. Or we fall in love with a person who lives far away on the other side of the earth; there are infinite possibilities. 

Unterwegs - En el camino is a theatre production built from images, a collage about leaving one's homeland, the journey between here and there, the arrival, the integration into a new society. The play approaches migration and immigration in theatrical, verbal, body-linguistic and musical forms. It looks at all those topics from various angles.
Three actresses, three actors, six languages - that sounds Babylonian and at the same time, it's an image of today's society in which different cultures merge with each other. 
But those who watch and listen carefully will comprehend and feel the essence of "Unterwegs - En el camino" without the need to understand all the spoken words. Join us on our journey! 

Direction: Marcelo Diaz
Composition: Dominik Vogl
Scenery / Costums : Andreas Wagner
Actors on stage: Elisa Merkens, Sofia Lara, Anael Bazterrica, Pablo Pipolo, Jürgen Decke, Christof Lappler.
Premiere  in Montevideo 02| 28 | 2019
Premiere in Nuremberg:10 | 11| 2019  


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